Booth Etiquette



It may seem silly to write an entire blog about one tiny, little pet peeve. However, what I am about to tell you happens all the time.  And in running casting sessions myself, I run into this one a lot. Booth etiquette is important and it starts the minute you step in the studio for and audition.  I mention all this only to make it clear that the talent who stand out do so because of their professionalism, providing themselves with a leg-up in the audition that follows!

Lots of interactions occur as talent steps up to enter the VO booth. Some  want to shake my hand vigoruously and introduce themselves like I’m Queen Elizabeth, (no need). Some ignore me, rush straight into the booth with no eye contact and immediately set to adjusting the microphone themselves (rude, don’t ever ever adjust the mic!). And some find it in their best interest to make heavy conversation about some topic that serves to simply waste valuable time.  Then there’s my preferred performer: the patient, quiet, focused, and polite entrance, awaiting my direction toward the microphone so they can get started on their audition.  Ah, a professional!  [Read More… ]

I run a lot of VO sessions that unfortunately utilize only one microphone.  Since we all come in various shapes and sizes, I usually need to adjust the microphone accordingly.  Now every VO talent brings his or her distinct vocal style. It may be soft. It may be loud.  And since I adjust the microphone accordingly it really helps to do a LEVEL.  Now this is not to be confused with a sound check.  When the sound engineer asks for a level, no need to respond with a “check, check 1… 2… 3…”  I know…  A minor quibble right?!  But we all want to get things off on the right foot and minor details matter, right?  So when the audio engineer asks for a level, just read the script as you would if we were recording the audition itself.  Not only is that the best way to get the best level for submit ion of the  audition to the client. BUT it’s also a grand opportunity to practice!!  The VO talent who stand out and the performers booking the most jobs enter the VO booth and start practicing behind the microphone as soon as they possibly can.  They are so mentally prepared that the focus is so taken off of tech’s duties.  Phew!  Everybody’s happy…  That’s the way to enter into the studio and bang out the best audition possible!


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    Booth Etiquette – Lynde Houck Voiceover

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